Reading is one of the best ways we attempt to enter the thoughts of another. Books may be the only way we ever meet some of our contemporaries. Objective knowledge, be it true, false, or more likely a mix, is the only way we can ever encounter the dead. The relationship between a passage on a page and its effect on us is not unilateral. A writer’s words and a reader’s understanding blend in a way neither could ever truly expect. I say reading is not just receptive it is creative! Here are some books to read before you die.

Every book I recommend here I have personally enjoyed and I hope that you do too.

Todd Vickers


2Popper QuestRabindranath SongsGood Books To ReadBijak





God is not greatRussell Not a christianThe weavers songsBartley Retreat





Sagen demonMark TwainHarris End o faithPsyches Lamp





TheGodDelusionJSMill SubjectionYIamNota MuslimRussell Unpopular essays





Toulman ReturnTROrigins of InquisitionBly Kabir bookAAyan Infedel