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A new review from Kiran Teegala, CEO of Zdango, Feb 23,2016

“The author has beautifully got Kabir back to life from the tides of time from 15th century to the current time. Kabir is a self-realized master and this book is an attempt to put forth the essence of Kabir and how Kabir as a realized master is more relevant to existing times.”

go-next-orangeExcerpt of a review by Dr. S.V. Raghavan

“… The author has succeeded eminently in establishing the relevance of Kabir’s teachings in the modern context through the choice of the best poems (in his view) and by illuminating them by up-to- date observations and his own experience. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Kabir is alive and walking through the pages of the book especially for the first time reader of Kabir in the current times. The author does a lot of plain speaking in tune with the poems of Kabir in such a way that we do not know who it is talking the author or Kabir.

The conspicuous theme which plays throughout the book is the demonstration of the illusoriness of the sense of self symbolized by the ‘I’, in itself a complex thought construct composed of the bundle of ideas, feelings, sensations, imagination and experience more precisely the memory trace which it leaves…”

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Excerpt of a review by R. Sharath

“… The book “Relevance of Kabir” has overall been a very enlightening read and highly thought provoking for understanding various aspects of mind for a person who is a serious spiritual seeker bent on knowing the truth. The author’s analysis and interpretation of Kabir in today’s context has been very revealing, unorthodox in style, and the author does not shy away even from using profane language to drive his point home. The examples used to demonstrate are straight on the face. Nothing confronts a person more than facts. What we think of ourselves is not what we are. The central theme that the author imposes on the reader is that the Self is an illusion or fiction and that if it is not cognized as such, it severely limits or mars our judgement. Mind is a means and if not used in the correct way for one’s course correction it can surely cause problems…”

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Format: Paperback

The relevance of Kabir by Todd Vickers beckons you to ponder about the most asked yet unanswered questions in our lives- What is truth? and What do you desire? Using the interpretations of the 15th century Indian mystic poet – Kabir, Todd helps you embark on a spiritual journey.

As I was reading and reflecting, I realized more and more that we are the prisoners of our own thoughts and ego. It’s hard not to appreciate how brilliantly Todd explains how much sense Kabir’s teachings made to this century questioning the norms,so called values & beliefs of our forebears and the mistakes they have made. This therefore helps introspect, think freely and apply reasoning at every stage of life to live consciously.

This is a straight-forward book, lays simple yet profound wisdom which we can take with us and apply in our daily lives. But beware! This book can make you question all that you have believed in your entire life-time and almost every important decision you have taken in your life based on those beliefs. It touches many controversial and rarely outspoken subjects especially among the highly conservative audience like in India and inspire some radical change in the way we think.

It’s a book that you can pick up at anytime, and each time you discover further insights and learn something new.