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Todd Vickers is available to discuss the book and guest blogging.
About: Todd Vickers

Todd is a co-founding member of the Vivriti Foundation, an author and blogger with a focus on non-traditional sexuality and conscious self-inquiry through meditation. As a teen he began meditation to overcome bad habits. He abandoned the god idea and felt most attracted to Zen. He became a disciple of Osho in 1988. He met Papaji in 1994 in Lucknow, a meeting┬áthat changed the course of his self-inquiry. Prior to this, Todd placed a great deal of importance on experiences induced through meditation. Through Papaji’s influence, he saw that the concept of the self is unsustainable as are any spiritual experiences. He felt motivated to write to bring out the best in spirituality and to point toward self-inquiry.

Connect with him on Facebook, check out his blog, No Shame in Sex or watch his short videos on sex and self inquiry on You Tube.

Todd has published three books on self inquiry.
Vickers, T. (2015). The Relevance of Kabir. Vickers Publications. ISBN: 9-7813100307-0-3
Vickers, T. (2001). Truth Like Fire. Vickers Publications. ISBN: 0-9672632-1-2
Vickers, T. (1999). The Paradox of Self Realization. Vickers Publications. ISBN: 0-9672632-0-4

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