Todd VickersThe Relevance of Kabir is also book about relationships. It takes many examples from real life relationships to point out the misery causing habits of mind. Here is an excerpt.

“He [Kabir] does  not  say  that  spiritual  seekers  or  ascetics  will  comprehend his  meaning,  but  notes  that lovers  will.  Our  poet  wants  us  to have the experience  of  being in love  as  a step toward greater liberation.  Lovers  mistake the dissolving of  the  ego in  orgasm  to be only  part  of  orgasm  when  it results  from  arresting habits  of  mind.  If  we  can’t  let  go  of  our  self,  orgasm  becomes  difficult.  In the ecstasy  of  love,  the  mental  specter  of  our  self  becomes  unsustainable.  We live  without  a story  for a few  moments.  If  we need  others  to see beyond  our  ideas  of  ourselves,  then  possessiveness haunts  us.  We become a burden to others  and limit  our  choices  by  reducing  people into nothing more than a means.  When  we  use people,  we probably  destroy  or  limit  our  affections  in the process. Emancipate others from being just a prop in a cerebral autobiography.”

More risqué examples in the book.