The Relevance of Kabir


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lv-smith-interviewLV Smith, host of the show Sounds Within

Interviews author Todd Vickers

LV asks about his most recent book The Relevance of Kabir

The discussion includes Kabir as a social reformer, a scourge of custom and criticizing the religions of his time.  The conversation moves from the benefits of meditation to the need for critical thinking to avoid spiritual ‘make believe.’  Todd introduces a critique of abundance mythology.  Delving into the benefits of going beyond our habits to discover experience outside of how we typically think about ourselves.

Previously aired by Pasadena Media, the video is now freely available on YouTube.

Available for $5.51 as an eBook Download

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Todd Vickers in Hyderabad

Vivrithi finalThe first talks at Amara Jyothi, in Hyderabad were a joy for me.

The topics considered the limits of who we think we are, the pain we create without any gain, questioning spiritual beliefs, authority and concluded with a discussion about meditation. I also brought into the room the place of honor for the skeptics whose contribution of doubt cannot be underestimated, especially involving subjectivity. I ran over time, of course.

The conversation continued with participants long after the talks. There will be video. Stay tuned!

The next city will be Kakinada in Coastal Andhra and will be live translated into Telugu. A whole new discovery is on the horizon!

Todd Talks