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Understand Intimate Relationships Love | Todd Vickers writing for

Understand Intimate Relationships

Understand Intimate Relationships

We perpetuate the misery because now another person believes something fictional is factual. Fictions have consequences in the real world. Think of prejudices or preëmptive war.

In miss-understanding pain we hurt others without knowing we are doing so.

We do not love another’s ideas of themselves. We love the people who can let go of these fictions. Unfortunately people build relationships out of supporting each other’s fictions, understanding pain becomes impossible and people even call this love and support! It’s more like a recipe for miserable failure. Meditation is… Read More at

Todd Vickers to visit India in February – March 2017 | Meet the Author

Join us for for talks discussing The Relevance of Kabir with the Author Todd Vickers. The talks focus on meditation and questioning our beliefs. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming details on upcoming talks. To find out more  about the author, read his latest piece called Americans Need Indian Genius. Check out the Vivriti Blog for a taste of the this author on diverse subjects and view the short videos at the YouTube channel.

lv-smith-interviewLV Smith, host of the show Sounds Within

Interviews author Todd Vickers

LV asks about his most recent book The Relevance of Kabir

The discussion includes Kabir as a social reformer, a scourge of custom and criticizing the religions of his time.  The conversation moves from the benefits of meditation to the need for critical thinking to avoid spiritual ‘make believe.’  Todd introduces a critique of abundance mythology.  Delving into the benefits of going beyond our habits to discover experience outside of how we typically think about ourselves.

Previously aired by Pasadena Media, the video is now freely available on YouTube.

Available for $5.51 as an eBook Download

New Front Cover

New Back Cover

Drowning in a house of eye shadow honers the person who goes into the house of eye-shadow, if they can also leave. If we cannot get out, we will drown. We all go in but we don’t all come out. Quieting the mind (meditation) is a way out.

“[Kabir’s]… advice is to move both in and out of the illusions we create. Our thoughts offer more temptations than the most ornate bordello. If we fear to go into the mind, then we become ineffective to others and ourselves. We must remember that the fire that warms the hearth on a cold night can burn down the house and even the neighborhood.”

Excerpt: The Relevance of Kabir

The mind is a marvelous tool shed. Do not let it become a prison. The mind exists to serve life, not the other way around. 

“…Kabir says: “listen to me, brother!

The nest of fear is broken.

Not for a moment have you come face

To face with the world:

You are weaving your bondage of

falsehood, your words are full of


With a load of desires which you hold

on your head, how can you be


Kabir says: “keep within you truth,

detachment, and love.”


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Todd Vickers in Hyderabad

Vivrithi finalThe first talks at Amara Jyothi, in Hyderabad were a joy for me.

The topics considered the limits of who we think we are, the pain we create without any gain, questioning spiritual beliefs, authority and concluded with a discussion about meditation. I also brought into the room the place of honor for the skeptics whose contribution of doubt cannot be underestimated, especially involving subjectivity. I ran over time, of course.

The conversation continued with participants long after the talks. There will be video. Stay tuned!

The next city will be Kakinada in Coastal Andhra and will be live translated into Telugu. A whole new discovery is on the horizon!

Todd Talks

What Is Good And Bad In Spiritual Beliefs?

twofacedAn article by Todd Vickers published at Street Articles.

Faulty beliefs lay dormant in our minds like a Trojan horse, perhaps a prejudice about ourselves or the world. It’s harder to expose the faults of a belief when the people around us also hold the same belief. Unfortunately, we are not lucky enough to discover all false or bad beliefs by ourselves. History affords us many tragedies with roots in deeply held beliefs. Let’s not ignore them and throw away precious lessons perhaps acquired by our ancestors through painful trials.

When calling into question spiritual beliefs, it’s easy to hurt people’s feelings, especially if the beliefs provide comfort, prestige or something held valuable to the one who believes. Yet, painful feelings are not an argument… Read More