What is Karma?

Let’s look at Karma in a new light.

“One way a hunter can trap a monkey is to secure a gourd to a tree and then place
something sweet or shiny in the gourd while a monkey watches, then the hunter leaves. The poor monkey just cannot stand not possessing the bait and will reach into the gourd and grasp it, but as his fist closes around the bait it becomes too big to remove it from the opening of the gourd and he is trapped. The monkey could have his freedom if he would let go but he will not. When the hunter comes, the monkey will freak out and screech but still he will not let go. Thus, the slaughter of the monkey.

…The hunter is karma, the gourd is like the events of life, the monkey is the mind, the grasped object is ‘identity’ and the grasping is desire. When we identify [ourselves] with events, experiences, and thought then we are no different than this monkey.”

Excerpts: The Relevance of Kabir

The Author Live in India, January 2016

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