intimate relationships Excerpt: “…We see the short-term gains of Machiavellian tactics with intimate relationships and oil companies, both lie to achieve a goal, but we anticipate eventual disaster in both. *Facts may demand cash now, give a short or long-term credit but the facts eventually enforce payment with penalties and interest. That’s the price of a lie. We may not pay it but others will. The next generations will pay for our truth neglect about climate change. In any intimate relationship, the cost and anguish due to deceit is difficult to measure. The cost is time of life wasted, that time we never get back. Add the cost of all the palliative diversions used to mitigate the suffering, add therapy, divorce, and moving etc. If children are involved, add their anguish. I say no! Lies are NOT easier.

Why is truthfulness risky in intimate relationships? Because giving the truth to a beloved offers them real choices while surrendering control of the outcome.

We must also value that the life in others does not exist to serve our little plans but rather to blossom on the vine of life. Why not embrace truthfulness…”