youth suicideYouth Suicide; Todd Vickers takes a hard look at the problem focusing on the stifling of sexuality to conform with tradition. Currently more educated young people die by their own hand than anywhere else  in India, why?  Let’s not balk to talk about sex when what’s at risk are the lives of our promising youth and the future they can create.

Remember the problem is youth suicide, not the emotional discomfort of  those who adhere to a custom. Let’s keep the priorities straight.

“The truthfulness needed may go far beyond what our parents ever imagined. Every human advance today came about as an alternative to what went before, that process of advance is still ongoing. The conventional mind feels certainty and that’s absurd in the light of the change in conventions over the centuries. Every advocate for a new advance began as a minority. If we wish to recon with sex honestly, harmlessly and pave the way to more wholesome access to freer choices, we need to be part of a new kind of thinking that adapts to the world as it is not as our ancestors saw it.

People need to feel safe and respected in their sexual self discovery.

People don’t want the wrath of the orthodox to crush them especially women whose desires lay hidden behind fears about reputation, pregnancy, abuse, loss of freedom and livelihood. I’m saying we must put an end to using sex as a weapon.

…We cannot slut-shame women for …”